See what my past clients had to say about their wedding images:

Bellow are some feedback I received from my past couples. I thank you all for your emails, reviews,countless thank you cards, notes, calls and just for trusting your wedding photography to me.

Dmitri Markine Wedding Photography Reviews

Dmitri, thank you so much for the wonder job you did on our wedding and amazing pictures we received. During our session we did things we don’t normally do anymore as we’ve been together for 12 years and you made us fall in love with each other more deeper than ever. We went into our marriage madly in love and 3 months later we still can’t keep our hands off each other :o) -Much Love to your and your family, Fei

It was a good decision on our part to cut our guest list by only 30 people and in return fit you with your amazing talent into our wedding budget. Could never understand people who would rather feed more people on one day than have good photographs that will stay with you forever. Your photographs are stunning! We are both extremely happy with the results. Much Blessings to you and your family!! -Carolyn

Just got our wedding photos and I am extremely happy with every single image both my hubs and I received. His communication from the start was better than any other vendors we had, he listened, advised, helped with our issues as we had to switch from a Los Angeles destination wedding to a Toronto based wedding 2 months prior to the actual date! And during the 12 hour event he didn’t even eat his plated meal as it was so busy and he wanted to capture everything – WHO DOES THAT?!!?! Every vendor we had demanded a meal in their contract and our DJ even asked me at the start of the reception if he can have his meal first(and he just came!). And the pictures – they are just stunning, as per his portfolio. Can’t wait for the baby photoshoot next year! Thanks Dmitri!  – Val

Wow, I’m speechless, words can’t even express how much I adore these photographs! You have definitely evoked some pretty intense emotions! You’re truly talented!-Cynthia

Oh Dmitri! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job of capturing our day! You did a fantastic job of capturing so many key moments!The pictures are gorgeous. -Krystyna

Thank you from us and the whole family for making our 3 day wedding a fun memory we will keep forever with us with your beautiful photographs -Sunil & Rani

As you know, I waited patiently for 5 years before I could book you as my photographer, 2 years before I found my husband and true love. It was worth the wait and I am beyond happy with the images we received… -Jen

I never thought I can be one of those stunning brides you have on your website. I look so damn hot in every single picture. HOW DO YOU DO IT??!!! Thank you so much for being so cool -Ellie

Gia and I just went through all the photos, and we are speechless. You surpassed our expectations which were already high as it is. I cannot thank you enough for doing such an amazing and professional job. Sunir and Gia

I love love love the pictures and you have such a wonderful talent! Thank-you so much I truly appreciate all you have done! -Ivana

We love all of the pictures. You did an amazing job and we can’t recommend you enough to everyone who sees them. -Sam&Russ

As a photographer myself, I wanted to hire the absolute best wedding photographer for my day. We even moved our date to accommodate your schedule as we knew
you would be worth it! Thank you again for your hard work & unbelievable results -M&S

Destination wedding in Mexico was a total success! Thanks for the hard work, ability to withstand our crazy families and of course gorgeous pictures. -Lara

Tom and I are absolutely ecstatic about the images!!! We knew you’re good,but these are just out of this world -Nat

Absolutely love your photographs – Buzzfeed

We were extremely happy with Dmitri. His work is absolutely stunning and speaks for itself. The albums were gorgeous as well and months later we still look at the pictures every week. There are a lot of good photographers out there,but not a lot of great ones. Dmitri is definitely one of those rare talents that are not easy to find.

Dmitri, I loved my daughter’s pictures. I wanted personally thank you -Charlotte, mother of the bride

Had Dmitri Markine photograph our wedding in May and he was amazing. Pictures turned out to be as gorgeous as ones on his website. Every image is a work of art. Considering how famous he is and all the famous people he photographed,Dmitri is a very humble and fun guy who loves photography with all his heart and it really shows  -Lora

Never seen anything as beautiful as the images on your website and what Michael and Katerina received!! -Julia, wedding planner

THANK YOU! SO MUCH!! These photos are absolutely fantastic! I LOVE them! -Kathleen

Thank you so much for these amazing bridal images and your gorgeous album! I just wish you weren’t booked 4 years ago for our wedding, when we first inquired. At least now we have some of your magic :). -Alla

My parents loved our family photographs!Thank you!!! My dad says he wants to do it again in a year or two! -Ada

Dmitri photographed our wedding in September 2010. Everyone,including our grandparents fell in love with the images and albums. Thank you for your wonderful job! -KP

Just in case I was too drunk on the day…THANK YOU so much for being there for my wedding!!!!Just looked at the gallery you sent and Images are absolutely stunning.Made me cry! -Ellen

Your wedding and journalism images have been captivating my whole family for the past 5 years since I found your website. You are one of the most amazing photographers on the planet and I wish you a long and creative career. -your biggest fan, Michael C.

Thanks again for the images. Everyone is jealous!!!I’m sure we’ll see you again on our friends or family weddings in the future!!-Samantha

THANK YOU!! The images are so unique and touching and the album is beautifully designed. We are grateful for everything you’ve done for us. – Anna & Jim

Dmitri, my grandmother said my wedding images look like fairy tale paintings. She wants an album too!5 years ago she told my sister her wedding photos look like -Deb

You are the best. Thank you for making my hubby look so handsome! We are far from models,but you made us booth look so pretty -Karishma

You’ve really captured all of the special moments of our day. You’ve got a very unique gift and it definitely comes through in your work. -Pansy and Ronni

Just received our album and it is so beautiful!!OMG!!!I can’t wait to show it to everyone.I’ve attended gazillion of weddings and never seen a photographer who worked as hard as you did on mine! Michael and I are so happy for all you’ve done and for stunning images you created. -Kate&Michael

We just came back from our honeymoon and found our wedding photos ready. We are grateful for all the work, you captured all the details we wanted. Impressive work with the editing too. -James and Trevor

Album,prints and the DVD arrived today. We are both very very thankful for everything you’ve done for us in Cuba! There’s no one as kind,sweet and artistic as you are. -Michelle&Ed

Awesome, awesome, awesome. Every single image is so unique and cool and I look SO GOOD. Glad we didn’t go with the typical boring desi photographers our family was pushing for and went with Ayesha’s suggestion whose wedding you photographed a few years back. -Sohai & Saeed

Albums and canvases are here and they look stunning. Our whole family sends you best regards and a small gift is on the way to your studio. :)Something for you to remember us by. -Aashif & Agatha

Absolute Best. You just won’t find a better wedding photographer in Toronto! Wife loves the pics. – Sam

Dmitri, your recent photographs from Afghanistan made me drop a few tears with my whole family. I am from there and you really captured the beauty and made me remember my childhood there.Thank you so much for doing what you do!! -Hidi

Fantastic eye Dimitri. I absolutely love the way you look at weddings as well as your spectacular composition. Tony B.,photographer

We don’t know how to thank you for all u did to make our engagement pictures so vividly marvelous.You are one of a kind in Photography industry and not only a professional photographer but also a True Artist -Hiva&Esmael

What can I say that hasn’t already been said about your work!They are lovely, and exceeded all my expectations.They are simply stunning and brought a smile to our faces! -Tamie & Peter

Thanks so much Dmitri the pictures are Beautiful!!!! -Melissa

Hiring you and flying all the way from France to Canada for our engagement was the best decision we’ve made. Can’t wait to have you for our wedding too!! -Annette & Adrien

OMG, Our 60×40″ canvas looks soooooooo good in our living room. You’re right,it fits right in! For the past 2 weeks EVERYONE was commenting on it, even a plumber!! -Vanessa

I thank you for the hard work on the day of the wedding, the editing you did after and for the gorgeous albums we just received. -Sajal

My dear Dmitri, I was shocked when I purchased a copy of National Geographic and discovered your talent among other gorgeous pictures. So cool to be working with a National Geographic photographer!! – Jennifer, wedding planner

My 3-day Indian wedding was just 3 weeks ago and my amazing photographs are ready. Every photo is flawless though it was expected as we had an engagement session with Dmitri last year and pictures were excellent as well.
It’s a pleasure to write a review for you Dmitri! You delivered the exact pictures you show on your website. Every single one of them tells a story and there are so many of them.
Our parents who wanted a photographer from our community were impressed with you during the wedding and then now when I sent them the link to the gallery. None of other photographers come even close to the attention to detail and quality. -Aneeta

Just what we wanted!!!Really excellent job!!! -Olga

The pictures are absolutely beautiful, you’ve done an incredible job with them! They are everything we hoped they would be, thank you so much! -Scott

WOW!!!!!absolutely amazing pictures. Myles and I just got back from NYC last night and our album was waiting for us.Thank you for doing such a wonderful job -Diana &  Myles

You were everything we could have imagined and more.We are so happy to be able to look back and have such amazing pictures to remember our special day. -Rob&Sherrie

You took an average girl and a boy and made them look like supermodels. We especially loved the candid shots!!! – J

The pictures are amazing. Erica and I really appreciate them. You are a genius. your work is absolutely beautiful, especially how you were able to capture the emotion in each and every picture. Great job! -Lavinia

Thanks so much! I’m having a great time looking at them. You’ve really captured some great moments! -Taryn

Thank you for providing beautiful images from out wedding .Very easy communication.great images, lots of talent. great person to deal with.- Henry

You did such an excellent job. The photos are great! -Daniela

We were happy with Dmitri’s wedding and maternity photography services. His recommendations were better than what our wedding planner could suggest and made our day a success. All photos he provided are gorgeous.
As others said, there’s a good reason he was chosen as one of the best wedding photographers in Canada.  Even with tight budget, we didn’t want to save a few hundred $ and go with a less experienced photography company. None of them came even close in quality and artistic vision   – A&K

Wow. Can’t talk just yet as I am in shock!! These images are soooooooo good. Can’t wait to get the album!!! -Lisa

Stumbled on your site and wish I can get married again so I that you’re my photographer…Maybe someday..haha -Maria

Dmitri, we just want to thank you for your outstanding work. Everyone we is stunned when they look at our images!! I don’t think anyone ever seen anything like it! -Lora&Mike

The pictures are amazing!! We picked our jaw up off the floor may times!Thanks again for you amazing work! -Cammie&Kyndall

AMAZING!!!I Love Love LOVE the photos!they are exquisite, I am so happy! -Christa

Thank you so much for making us look so beautiful on our wedding. My mom and dad now want to get remarried and have the same gorgeous photos too. You were worth every penny and more!  -Alice

We are very pleased with the canvas and albums. Thank you again for your outstanding work on our wedding day. -Chandi & Aariz

I just got home and saw the pictures. They look absolutely fantastic!! You somehow made me look good, so you must be a genius. -Tom

We were very lucky to have you on our wedding. Thank you for guiding us throughout the day and making me look so beautiful. -Sushmi

So happy we chose you as our photographer Dmitri. Went through 1000s of photography sites and we knew you were the one after just a handful of images. Back to our wedding…We can’t describe our feelings. Almost made us cry. You’re the best!!! -Amanda&Pete

Kiara been sitting and crying for the past 3 days since you gave the images. I would cry too,but somebody has to actually go and pack our bags for the honeymoon!! Every picture is a story! You rock!! -Maurice

They are amazing! But I knew they would be! -Kelly

It was an honor to have you at our wedding Dmitri. You are amazing photographer and now a good friend of our family. -Kyle&Brooke

We were really lucky to have you photograph our wedding -Lily

We love the pictures, they look great! -Niki & George

Congrats on your winning images Dmitri. I thought I’d email and let you know how talented and versatile you are. There are only a few photographers in Canada with the same talent and you are one of them! -Chris M., photographer

Thank you soooo much!! We love the shots!! They are amazing! -Alana and Lenny

Dmitri, your photos are INCREDIBLE. I’m seriously in awe of your talent. -Diane

Thank you again for all your hard work! I don’t know how you were able to be everywhere and capture every important moment. -Hellen

I wanted to thank you for taking such amazing photos of us and capturing great moments. -Nioura

’ll say it again because I really mean it-It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you and if we ever need a photographer you will definitely be our go to guy. -Angela

Thank you so much, the pictures are beautiful!!!…Thank you so much. Sheri and Mihai

OMG! WE LOOOVE THE PICTURES!!! You are so gifted!!! The pictures all look awesome! THANK YOU!!! -Xerez

The photos are absolutely stunning!!! I love them -Vivien

I got the photos today! They are exquisite! Thank you! -Tan

Absolutely blown away with your quality of work. All of the pictures are amazing and they definitely exceeded all of my expectations.-Shikha

Thank you once again for all your hard work and dedication on our special day!!! A lot of our guests commented on your great work ethics and passion -Sharon

Just wanted to thank you again for the amazing pictures -Kate

Thank you so so much! We really cannot thank you enough! -Anne Marie

Wow Dmitri! Really beautiful photos! -Marina & Oleg

Дмитрий, спасибо за всю здаланную работу на нашей свадьбе ( на Кубе ) . Фотографии отличные. Мне лично как свадебному фотографу было очень приято увидеть вас в деле. Наташе особенно очень понравились фотографии из Гаваны.
Очень надеюсь что ещё когда нибудь свидимся! -Alex & Natalie

Thank u so much Dmitri, the pictures look amazing! -Anna

I have received the dvd and the pictures looks amazing as always your work is amazing.Thanks again for the good work and fun time :)) -Rasha

Wow, I have seen many photographers websites but I got to say your pictures are something else -Payam,photographer

Family photographs are fantastic. Kids love the images and already want to have another session done next year. We’ll be in touch!! -Karen

I wanted to let you know that we received the album this morning and we love it. We are so happy with all of our photos. Thanks again so much! -Aletta

To this day people cannot STOP speaking about my pictures!! you did an awesome job -Phoebe

Can I say that you are incredible?! We just picked up the album from our mailbox.Thank you again you have been a blessing to us and we will surely be in contact for the future! -Erica&Orville

I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know that you did an absolutely amazing job on our wedding photos – I could not be happier with them!! I honestly didn’t expect to LOVE sooo many of the pictures! -Victoria

Hello dimitri,Wow..the wedding pics are gorgeous !! how I wish we had more time for our creative shots are wonderful Dimitri ! Thanks sooo much.. -Johanna

Honestly I was truly speechless when I saw my pictures. Unbelievably gorgeous! I can’t tell you how much I love them.-Tania

I don’t have the words to express my gratitude to you. These shots are just AMAZING! -Shadan

Thank you from both of us for your amazing job. As a photographer myself I appreciate how much work you put into it. We are happy with the photographs and how fast you were able to get them to us. Wish I had 1/10th of your talent
I have no doubt we will continue to use your services for other family functions – John

Wow! These are great! I’m so happy that I decided to do another photo shoot and that I choose you! -Sabrina

Albums are goooorgeous!We’re extremely happy with your work and we’ll see you soon at Amy’s wedding -RileyArthur

We both thank you for being there for us on our special day and capturing every tear and every laugh. All photos are fantastic as we expected -Jake &  Kevin

My mom cried!My dad Laughed and we are still speechless.You’re amazing!!! -Agata&Gabe

Long and short of the story is thanks for taking the time to capture a few precious moments in our lives on your camera and doing your magic in editing.The memories will never be forgotten and the photos will always be precious to us. -Varuna&Tony

Ashley and I would like to thank you again as we had such a great time taking the photos and your work is unbelievable!-Marco

Thank you again, the pictures are absolutely stunning! -Lily and Peter

OMG OMG OMG!! I was so hyper, I hardly remember anything. The candid moments you were able to capute are soooooo precous to me. Oh, I am crying again!!!! You are the best!!!!! – Nina

Thank you again for beautiful family photos! They turned out much better than I ever thought. -Abby

Oh My Goodness Dmitri..We are speechless…They are so beautiful! -Martha&Davina

They are beautiful, thank you for doing such a wonderful job on them! -Katherine and George

They are beautiful!!! You really work magic…I have not been able to do anything at work all day because I keep looking at them over and over!!!! lol …And thank you again for your beautiful pictures! I am actually blowing up some big ones this week to hang in our new place -Jenny & Raf

Hi Dmitri,Jenn and I recently got back from our honeymoon and wanted to thank you for the service you provided at our wedding.Thank you for being a part of our special day. -George&Jenn

The pictures are amazing!!Your very talented and we are very happy with the how the pictures turned out. Thanks again! -Irene&Eugene

Again, we would like to say THANK YOU. We viewed the DVD, it was excellent. We love all the pictures.Your style is unique and it really stands out. -Joseph & Cheryl

Our family… LOVE LOVE LOVED the pictures. And more importantly, Charlie and I are completely thrilled -Lorraine&Charlie

I have been enjoying your photographs very much. They are better than any other wedding photos I’ve seen…I am soooo happy that you were our photographer -Christie L

Just wanted to send you a quick note to say that we think the pictures are excellent. They turned out really great and we’re very happy with them!! Michelle&Ivan

They really are beautiful. I’m quite amazed, I loved the ones in the rain! They are really, really cooool. Thanks so much. -Mandy

Thanks so much for the amazing baby images and all the work. We’ll give you a ring again in the future when Aaron is a bit older. -Hana& Amir

Thank you again for all your help and for providing us with such beautiful wedding photos! – Melissa and Rajan

We just got the DVD in the mail, and the pictures are phenomenal, stunning, unique,…. I can’t find the right adjective to describe how I feel looking at them. Thank you so much! We’re so lucky to have you photograph our wedding -Agatha&Peter

Dmitri, we LOVE our photos You did an incredible job capturing these special moments. thank you so much!
Just wanted to let you know that we have been getting so many compliments on your photography. You are truly a master of your craft and you captured our special day in a way that no one else could. -Toby and Mel

You have captured our very special wedding moments and our precious family – the photos look beautiful with great personality and fun! -Robyn

Thank you so much for using your awesome photography skills to capture our special day! -Sabina

Thank you Dmitri, I just have the biggest smile on my face right now …I really think you’ve outdone yourself but we KNEW you were the one for us! -Melissa

The pictures turned out amazing! Both Sarah and I love them -Saad

We just finished looking through the CD – thanks for the amazing pictures!!!! -Melanie

We’ve been looking at the images every day for the past 2 weeks. You captured every important moment of our day perfectly and in your style. -Abbie

Thanks for flying here to Los Angeles and doing an incredible job. We’ll cherish those images forever. -A

Wow, those are beautiful! Love them all. Can’t wait to see the album. Thank you for making our destination wedding a memorable experience. -Sharon

Sending a quick not to say thanks for the wedding photos. They look fantastic as always. -Dilanka

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed looking at them. Now we have to think about making an album but they are so many nice ones to pick from 😎

Jimmy and I just went through the photos and they look amazing! – Donna

We absolutely love the photos! Thank you so much again. Wanted to share with you what I posted on my Facebook:) Thank you for being part of our special occasions for the last 3 years! -Mihae

Hi Dmitri, we met with you last year and our wedding was 4 months ago. Unfortunately we did not book you. Long story short, we just received our images after waiting for 4 months and there’s barely any editing. Lots of photographs of us with closed eyes, barely any creative photos, even though we spent 2 hours with the photographer and we don’t look good on any of them as photographer didn’t know how to pose. Out of 2000 images we received, there are maybe only 10 that I like. The rest are snapshots that even I could’ve captured! We just want to let you know we regret not going with you. To be honest, we were just trying to save $700 and we now regret our decision. It is a laughable amount when you put things into perspective. I think all the wedding planning and budgeting made us a bit crazy and even though photography was the most important thing, our greed took over at the last moment and we settled with a studio which was just slightly cheaper yet their portfolio or experience can’t even come close to the amazing work you do. And now that you photographed my coworker’s wedding (what a small world!!) on the 19th and I saw how perfect all her photographs are, I felt the need to share. My younger sister will be marrying soon and I will make sure she books you! -S

Hey Dmitri, Thank you so much! These look fantastic! We re really thankful you could join us and capture our special day. -Ankit

Thanks for getting the photos to us so quickly! It’s fantastic to relive the day through all the photos. There’s some really amazing photos in there -Alex

We took a quick glance through a few photos and we are already stunned by how beautiful and creative they are -Prayrna

The photos are amazing!! Thank you so so much for capturing our special day and giving us memories that will last forever!!
Thank you again!!! -Stephanie and Rick!

Thank you Dmitri =D These photos are fantastic! We really appreciate your efforts, you made everything look great! -Michael

We absolutely love the photos! So happy that we were able to get something from the underwater photos! It’s too bad we couldn’t get more. -Alyx

Dmitri!!!!! THESE ARE AMAZING! Thank you so much. We just relived the weekend while going through these -Hema

The pictures are just amazing!  You captured everyone’s emotions in a unique and creative way. On behalf of the both of us we want to extend our gratitude. It has been an absolute pleasure taking both photo shoots with you. You understood our vibe and translated it in images. These photographs will stay dear to hearts for ever! Vassily and Elena

*many of these were shortened for ease of reading as some are 1-page long( I have a number of 2-4 page A4 thank you cards as well)  🙂

Reviews for Dmitri Markine