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Feel free to see the FAQ bellow to get answers to the most common questions I often get.

Absolutely! I don’t subcontract other photographers or students and you always know who will be photographing your wedding. It also means that all the photographs you see here are products of just 1 photographer and not 5-10 photographers, their present and past assistants,contractors and associates! I want you to expect the same quality images from your wedding as well!

I have extensive experience and knowledge of South Asian wedding traditions, rituals and document a lot of them every year. I photographed my first Indian wedding in 2006 in Toronto and since then had an opportunity to document them in many countries, including India; from small 30-people resort destination weddings to luxury multi-million dollar city weddings with guests reaching as high as 1500+ people. I was also fortunate to photograph a few South Asian celebrities as well.  Please view the portfolio here on this site, and there are some examples on the blog as well.

I try to create art with the images and while doing so I use many different styles. Journalistic and editorial/fashion/traditional styles are just a few to name. I enjoy capturing emotions, moments and elegance.  Sometimes you may have no idea why a photographer is asking you to do certain things or may even avoid it, but at the end of the day, you will appreciate the final results when you’ll see the images. And if not, there’s always the Delete Button 😀

Ultimate goal with each and every wedding is to capture memories you want to relive over and over, with precious candid moments of your family and friends sharing this fabulous occasion with you; and to create stunning and beautiful photographs worth putting on a cover of any magazine or your home’s treasure chest 🙂

Please see 100s of Reviews  I receive not only from bride and groom, but their parents who send me kind notes after seeing the final results. And we all know it so much harder to impress our parents who are often set in their old ways! 🙂

The wedding images in high-resolution are usually ready within 3 weeks after your wedding date. Engagement photographs take about 2 weeks. All the images are fully retouched!! If you order an album and order is received from you, on average it takes 5-8 weeks to get your album on our hands. This is one of the fastest turnaround times in North America!!

Most photographers just do basic color correction by using automated software(saturation/sharpness/crop); Or use trendy plugin/presets that I guarantee will be out of style in a couple of years…  Editing is extremely complicated process when done right and by hand. Before photography my background was photo retoucher for fashion magazines

In my case I personally edit each and every photograph by hand, fixing certain imperfections,colors and adjusting what’s needed, to make sure the images look amazing. It is a very time consuming process and one of the reasons I have to limit the number of events I can take per year. All images are edited to be timeless. As such, no weird overlays, strange colors or which always go out of style fast.

Speaking of editing – it is very easy to hide imperfections in small resolution images on websites. A lot of photographers while editing make the skin look very rough, making the bride and groom look much older,but it is not always visible in small Facebook resolution photos. This is why I’ve decided to keep all photographs on the website at very high resolution of 1400-1500pix. I want my clients to see how awesome they all look, including the skin and image sharpness!

You should absolutely do it!! These sessions are fun – everyone loves them! You’ll learn to be in front of the camera and we all will get to know each other, which will help you to be less stressed if you are not the type to take a lot of pictures of yourself. I will show you how to pose properly in order to look great and look younger!  Certainly, I can also just say the common “just do your thing and be yourself” and leave you alone, while taking photographs from afar – if that’s your ideal way of being in front of a camera… In previous section I mentioned I was a retoucher before photography. Well, I started as a commercial/fashion photographer so posing couples to they look their best is what I still enjoy to do.

Expect ~150 very fun, elegant, cool and creative photographs of two of you together in a casual environment(perhaps even in different outfits). We can do these engagement sessions in Toronto or in any other city/country. Once in a while apart from destination weddings I also photograph destination engagement sessions as well! Occasionally have couples flying in here for their sessions too.

I absolutely do if schedule allows. Family, maternity, newborn, baptism/christenings,etc.  See a few examples on  the site.

80% of the wedding coverage is pure photojournalism. During our initial meeting we would talk more about your vision and this is when requests like that can be made.  Not everyone is comfortable with posing or cameras in close proximity and I will gladly work with your ideas and vision, to ensure I take the photographs you want! Overall, my style during the candid parts of the wedding is not intrusive. Many priests and ministers over the years told me they were pleased I wasn’t in their face or obstructing the view for the guests.

YES, absolutely!! At some cultural weddings it could be 100s!  Those are really important, but I just choose to show more creative and documentary styles on my website since family photos are not very exciting to see for most people who are looking for a photographer. Coughboringcough… 😀

There are a few examples on the website and the blog of “creative family portraiture” where you are not just line up, but arranged and posed in a creative way. Basically, tell your parents( who asked this question…) that they are safe in my hands! 🙂

These are my favorite images. I always push myself to provide consistent results and believe all my wedding images look like that – this is one of the benefits of hiring an experienced professional wedding photographer. During our meeting I would be happy to show album samples from full weddings. Feel free to visit my blog as well for more samples from each wedding. Ultimately each photo is different and should be judged as such: a posed image during a creative session will look different than a quick candid image of say your parents tearing up during the ceremony.  Both, however, are beautiful in their own way.

If your special day is blessed with gorgeous blue skies and dreamy clouds, you’ll see them in your pictures.

My clients ARE gorgeous, just like all of us. Because of my experience and an eye for perfection I am able to suggest poses that suit each client individually ( it is also one of the reasons I recommend an engagement photoshoot). Most people don’t know how to pose and since there aren’t actually that many experienced wedding photography studios who know the art of posing, images may not come out as nice.
It is a fact that a lot of photographers these days stage photoshoots of their friends,models or use images from workshops as their own wedding work examples. It’s very common, but you can notice it since the rest of the images are not usually nearly as good.
There are absolutely no hired models or images of styled photoshoots(staged weddings shot for magazines sometimes of real couples but the wedding is fake) or workshops – every single photo is from real local or destination weddings with real clients! Please visit the Review section to read what all of my clients have to say about their wedding coverage.

In addition to your chosen destination wedding photography package, you will have to pay for the flight/accommodation,etc.

This is not a vacation for me. Often, I barely have time to sleep and eat. At some weddings I put over 40 hours in a span of 4 days all while running around with 20lb of gear during scorching southern heat 🙂

Yes, I travel extensively throughout Canada,USA and other countries and really enjoy new and exciting destinations. It doesn’t always have to be an engagement or family session or have any reason! Some of my clients just want a few awesome images far before or after the marriage. Some just want a few cool photographs in a beautiful environment;while they are on vacation; a-day-with-kids,etc.

There’s a good chance if you are having a wedding in Toronto, I had an opportunity to photograph there. Even if I haven’t, it would not affect quality of the coverage and make it any different. After so many years doing it, it takes me only a few seconds to see how I can use the space I am in for photos. Unless you are getting married at a maze, it would make absolutely no difference if I photographed there 20 times or 0.

Although I can’t guarantee the number of images as each event is different, you should expect to receive approximately 50-90 images per each hour of coverage. Certainly, the more your event is on schedule and more events are happening, the more photographs you will have in the end.  All the images are color corrected AND creatively edited just like the samples on the website. Certain cultural ceremonies (eg at Indian weddings) may provide you with more images due to the amount of details to document. A 3-hour getting ready on the other hand may result in less images due to very little action during those 3 hours.

The whole process is pretty easy.  It’s 20% to book and the rest on the day of the wedding or before. Everything can be done over the phone or via email, including all the payments.

I would be happy to do so after our consultation and getting to know your vision. There are 100s of beautiful parks,venues and unique spots, but there’s a good chance most are not what you are looking for as we all have our own perception of beauty or perhaps the location is too far or does not fit your schedule. Some require permits while others don’t. Once booked and I know more details, I can offer advice, suggestions and options which you can consider.

I find 9 in 10 videographers to be very intrusive and at times I have to change the style I am hired for, in order to accommodate their obtrusive style. Most couples who hire me for their wedding do want candid coverage for the most part of the day and at times videographers can make it a hard task to achieve.

Not only they come with big teams of 3-6 people(though there are many very intrusive videography companies with just 1 video person) and obstruct views from all angles, but they also often stay extremely close, blocking the view and end up in your images, completely ruining the mood of the scene.

If you don’t want a video camera in your face 3-6 feet from you for the whole day, please discuss this with your chosen video company. Tell them what you like and don’t like. Things like leaving video tripods in the middle of the dance  floor for the whole duration of the reception or blocking the view for all the guests during the ceremony with many video camera setups.   If video is not your top priority you may even want to tell your videographers to follow photographer’s directions(which in my case would mean telling them not to be too close).

Aside from that, see if the video they deliver is what you are looking for, just like with photography.

I shoot a lot of multicultural weddings every year, with extensive experience specifically in Indian and Asian weddings.

Here are the cultural weddings I photographed, including weddings in some of those countries(sorted by the country): Brazil, Mexico, India, Serbia, Sri Lanka, Croatia, Ireland, Pakistan, Greece, Italy, Philippines, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Egypt, Iran, Hawaii,Turkey, Hawaii, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Bulgaria, Romania, Ghana, France, Portugal, Argentina, Somalia, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam,China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Haiti, Czech Republic,  Macedonia, Germany, South Africa, Guyana, Latvia, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, UAE, Armenia, Georgia, Albania, Kenya, Barbados, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Thailand,Azerbaijan,UK,USA.

Please send an inquiry with the description and I will get back to you with a quote. Images can be purchased as digital files or prints.

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